Water Tech BLD03 Blue Diamond Robotic Pool Cleaner Review


The Blue Diamond is the ultimate pool cleaner. It works in any pool. PVA brushes provide unmatched traction and climbing ability. Removes algae, bacteria, pollen, dirt, sand, silt, acorns, twigs, staining metallic particles, small and large leaves, etc.. even scrubs the waterline.

I have had the Blue Diamond for almost 6 years without any issues. It does the job effortlessly. I clean my 16 x 36 pool thoroughly on startup and thereafter very infrequently when some debris get to the bottom of the pool. Prior to this I have used other pool cleaners and nothing comes to close to this. The manual states that based on usage the drive belts can stretch . These are easily replacable as I just discovered. The unit is still going strong. I cannot state sufficiently how it makes my life easy in keeping the pool clean.
The cycle time on this unit is insufficient for it to clean a 20′ x 40′ pool. While that may not sound like a problem, the warranty is actually “4 years or X cycles, whichever comes first” so it IS a BIG problem when you have to run it 2 or 3 times just to clean the pool once. It’s also a horrible waste of electricity as it spends so much time going over areas it has already cleaned. If you have a 20′ x 40′ pool either get the unit with the remote or save some money and get something cheaper since you’re going to have to run either of them multiple times and you’re going to blow through the warranty on this in WAY less than 4 years.
Water tech bld blue diamond robotic pool cleaner review1 Water Tech BLD03 Blue Diamond Robotic Pool Cleaner Review