Swim Time Dirt Blaster Cleaner for In Ground Pools Review

  • The precision engineered DirtBlaster will clean any pool regardless of the shape or depth. It works on all pool surfaces: vinyl, concrete and fiberglass. With only one moving part, DirtBlaster will remove dirt, twigs, leaves and debris from your pool. Simply plug the unit into your skimmer and DirtBlaster effortlessly cleans your pool. Comes complete with 40 feet. of hose. Designed and manufactured by Blue Wave Products, this quality cleaner is built to last.
  • Cleans any in-ground pool, no matter the shape or depth
  • Years of maintenance-free operation
  • Works on all pool surfaces: vinyl, concrete & fiberglass
  • Comes complete with 40? of hose
  • Quick and easy to install

We have had an inground fiberglass pool, and have used a Kreepy Krawley products in it for 22 years. We were told by the pool company that installed it that it was the only type of sweeper that would work in a fiberglass pool. Were they ever WRONG! The Challenger works better than the others ever did! It goes into the rounded corners and step areas that the others got stuck in and scoots right along! The Challenger also climbs higher, in most cases right up to the water line. Our old pool cleaner NEVER did that! The pleated design allows it to move quickly along the pool bottom, and it even was able to pick up pebbles that got into the pool!
I was also skeptical of the price, as it is quite a bit less expensive than the other brand we had been shoveling money out to replace. The old addage, “you get what you pay for” does not apply to the Challenger. It is a moderately priced sweep with ability to out-perform and out-last the sweeps in higher price ranges.
If I could give it six stars instead of the suggested five, I would do so in a heartbeat!

Swim time dirt blaster cleaner for in ground pools review1 Swim Time Dirt Blaster Cleaner for In Ground Pools Review