Strider-SS Automatic Pool Skimmer and Cleaner

Strider-SS Automatic Pool Skimmer and Cleaner. For the cleanest swimming pool possible. Reduce the time and cost of maintaining your pool. Your pool may require less chemicals. You may be able to reduce the running time of your pool pump.

Even though our pool is caged, in the spring it was loaded with fine bits of pollen. This just floated around, stuck to the pool edges, and refused to pass through the skimmer. We also have three cats and two dogs that love being pool side in the sun, making pet hair also a big problem before the Strider-SS. Finding the Strider-SS has made living with an in ground pool a breeze now. No more time spent netting, and very little brushing. Our pool is now crystal clear. It collects everything that floats on the surface. The Strider-SS has no moving parts that need replaced, and should last us many year’s. I highly recommend the Strider-SS for anyone that is tired of pet hair, and fine particles floating on the surface of there pool. Never net your pool again.
Strider ss automatic pool skimmer and cleaner11 Strider SS Automatic Pool Skimmer and Cleaner