Natural Chemistry 05121 Phos Free Pool Cleaner

  • Phosphate-limiting pool additive to prevent algae growth
  • Enhances any sanitizer system and is 100-percent safe for family and environment
  • No phosphate build up, less filter management, vacuuming, and reduces pool maintenance
  • Clear, perfect algae-free water, unconditionally guaranteed
Phosfree reduces phosphate levels in your pool. Phosphates are the limiting nutrient for algae growth. Reduce phosphates to near zero and enjoy an algae free pool. Natural Chemistry unconditionally guarantees it.

Product Description

PHOSfree easily reduces phosphate levels to near zero. Normal sanitizer levels will prevent algae growth.

This product eliminated my algae problem. I’ve owned a plaster pool for six years, and have at best only been able to keep the algae at bay, both green and red (red algae, not pink slime). I tried every chemical recommended by several pool stores, including super-chlorination and bromine. I was adding chlorine every two days and kept two floaters in at all times just to keep it at 1ppm; it got expensive. So when the pool store recommended this product because my phosphates were too high, I thought, “Sure… another expensive chemical to sell me.” But I was desperate, so tried it anyway. My initial level was 1000ppb, which means that while I was trying to kill the algae with chlorine, the phosphates were feeding it. After two treatments (read the directions carefully) of 1.5 liters each, running the pump for 24 hours straight after each treatment, it was down to 300ppb (recommended level is <200). I added a third treatment for good measure. I haven't seen algae in three months. I add chlorine no more than once/week in the summer, and it easily stays at 3ppm. This is going to save me work, headaches, and $$$ on chlorine. It has nearly eliminated the calcium buildup on the tile at the waterline since I'm not shocking constantly.

WARNING: do not apply this until you have killed the algae in your pool. Yes, it removes the phosphates (algae food), but it somehow protects the existing algae, making it very hard to kill. Shock well, then use Phosfree the next day. Also, This product is intended to coat the filter material. Be aware that this will increase the back pressure (permanently, as far as I can tell, a 5 psi increase) from the filter.

Update: I found silver algacide permanently gets rid of the red bacteria.

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