Hayward 900 Wanda the Whale Above-Ground Automatic Pool Cleaner Review

This is a great little vac. It hooks up to your filter intake or skimmer, and vacuums straight to your filter – not a bag with holes that doesn’t catch fine particles. We use ours in a 24′ above ground pool made by Intex. Yes, one of those temporary pools. It would work in any above ground pool! The most important thing to have is a good filter system. The filter supplied by Intex is not very good. This vac works best with a sand filter. We have a Hayward Pro Series system with a 1.5 hp Power Flo Maxtrix pump. The combination of this filter system and vacuum has saved my summers. I spent the first year with this pool spraying out the filter and hand/pole vacuuming only to see the finer particles come back into the pool through the return. It took all the pleasure out of having a pool! Now, I hook up my vac (3 min), turn on the filter system (1 sec), and walk away – it’s awsome!!! This little vacuum even handled our pool opening this year, which included a large number of leaves and a ton of very fine particles. Unlike the super expensive Pool Rover, this vacuum does not move systematically around the pool to clean in a specific period of time. It moves in ever-widening circles, then goes straight for a bit and starts circling again. It can be a little vexing to see it turn just before it gets to something that you want it to vacuum up, but if you give it time, it will get everything. We put ours in and let in run for about an hour, when we come back the pool looks great! Aqua Bug, Wanda the Whale, and Diver Dave are all the same vacuum with different housings.
This little pool cleaner rocks. I have a 16 x 32 oval pool and my “professional” pool installer totally screwed up the bottom which left it with small wrinkles, and even worse, large indentations where the sand under the pool settled and the frame is raised. This makes for some pretty substantial navigation challenges for the Aqua Bug, or so I thought. I was reluctant to buy this at first, thinking there is no way it could overcome the uneven bottom of my pool. Considering the price, I thought WTH, and I went for it. I was pleasantly surprised as the Bug wondered into an indentation, stopped for a few seconds, turned a different direction and crawled out again. Awesome. Obviously if the Bug couldn’t handle this it wouldn’t even pay for me to use it since I’d be out there baby-sitting it constantly. If that were the case I may as well just clean the pool manually. But, as I said, the Bug came through with flying colors. The Aqua Bug didn’t come with enough hose to reach the end so I had to buy more hose. (It comes with about 30 feet, but you have to take into account it not only has to span the entire length of the pool, but also has to go “down” to the bottom.) That being said, it took about two hours for the Bug to clean the entire area it could reach. I’ll have the extra hose by the next use, but I don’t expect it will take much longer. The DVD with instructions that comes with the Bug explicitly states that the bottom of your pool must be flat and smooth. It’s nice to get a product that actually out performs expectations. How often does that happen?
Hayward wanda the whale above ground automatic pool cleaner review1 Hayward 900 Wanda the Whale Above Ground Automatic Pool Cleaner Review